Letters Home

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Note from author:

The posts that follow with the Letters Home tag are part of an emerging work of fiction. They will appear on the Patreon site (in their entirety) for subscribers at the $7 a month and higher levels.
While some situations may closely resemble actual events, all is emerging from my imagination. It is a “what if” type of story.
What if, since the moment our soul prepared to embark on its journey through the cycle of reincarnation, it wrote letters home to Heavenly Mother? Much like a child leaving home for a trip to summer camp.
It is said by some that a mere day passes in Heaven – our home – while 100 years pass here on Earth…
The “street lights” are coming on.
Our Mother and Father are calling. It’s time for us to go Home, no longer to visit this earthly realm, lifetime after lifetime, but what if we’ve lost our way? What if, we cannot find our way back?
Follow one soul on the adventure of a lifetime as it descends into a third density existence and, entering into the cycle of karma, attempts to make its way back home.

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